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Some History

Ovidio Martinez S.A. was first founded by Mr. Blas Martinez in 1845 in the region of “La Mancha”, Spain, world’s number one region in the production of wine alcohol, focusing its activity in the alcohol industry. In 1967 it absorbs Talleres Salvador Gomez, another firm working in the alcohol sector.

In 1970 Ovidio Martinez S.A. creates Manufacturas Metalicas de Tomelloso S.A. a subsidiary company for the construction and erection of farm equipment and manufacturing of equipment from diverse materials.

In 1971 merges with the company Francisco Garcia, that had been in the alcohol sector since the 1900. This merge triggers the birth of the new company name “Talleres Ovidio Martinez S.A.” (TOMSA). During these years the company is registered as an exporting company, starting its growth worldwide. TOMSA installs the first vacuum distillation plant for ethanol in the industry.

During the 80’s and beginning of 90’s TOMSA owns five distilleries, two in Spain, two in Argentina and one in Panama.

In the late 90’s, the company undergoes major changes in its structure and the new company Tomsa Destil S.L. is created. During that period the company decides to leave behind the ownership of distilleries focusing its activities in the engineering and construction of ethanol plants. Since 1997, Tomsa Destil has built over 500 projects all around the world with distillation units ranging up to 1,000,000 litres per day.

Why us?

TOMSA DESTIL is a Company with over 165 years of experience in the alcohol sector. Thanks to that we are considered a reference in our sector not to mention our commitment to investigation. We own the most advanced technologies in processes of extraction, fermentation, distillation and management of wastes in alcohol plants and biofuel. Throughout these years we have provided our clients turnkey projects in the five continents; sometimes in areas with very limited access to resources due to their geographic location, which demands a precise project management. We supply complete plants, equipment or project management. Our clients value the experience and advantage of a strongly integrated team focused on increasing the value of the project, avoiding in turn additional costs.

Mission and vision

Continuous improvement of the industrial processes, searching for excellency in the product quality, reduction of wastes as well as energy efficiency.
Encourage the growth of the alcohol and biofuel industry, maintaining high levels of quality and respect for the environment.
Designing, supplying, setting up and management of industrial processes for the alcohol sector and biofuel, offering the highest quality standard and efficiency searching for the excellence.


Be the worldwide reference in technology of alcohols and biofuels. We value the satisfaction of our clients as main pillar of our everyday effort.
Offer our services worldwide, maintaining the standards of quality and satisfaction.
Partner with our clients in every step during the life cycle of the project. Flexibility in the supply. Our processes are tailor made to the needs of each client individually.
Being at the cutting edge technology.


Miguel Villena


Mr. Villena has worked in the alcohol sector for over 40 years. He is a world renowned expert in the sector and is usually a guest in major conferences. His expertise covers the whole life cycle in the industrial plants, from the design and construction to the operation of the same. Mr. Villena has been responsible for many of the technological developments in the alcohol industry including vacuum distillation during the 70's. His investigations in sugar extraction with difussers have been a revolution in the Tequila market. Mr. Villena has developed several technological patents that have transformed Tomsa Destil into one of the technological leaders.
At the moment he occupies the role of Tomsa's chairman and manages the global operations of the group of companies of Tomsa Destil.

Roman Rudkowskyj

Vice general Manager

Mr. Rudkowskyj experience goes back 35 years ago starting his career in the petrochemical industry. For the las 30 years he has dedicated his career to the alcohol and distillery industry at Tomsa Destil. With over 200 projects since he joined Tomsa Destil he has vast experience in all kind of distillation processes and for a large variety of raw materials. Mr. Rudkowskyj has managed turnkey projects and supervised the technological advances that have been put in place within Tomsa Destil.
At the present time he is part of the board of directors and is the sole responsible for the management of the comercial strategies of Tomsa Destil and advices in the technical execution of the projects.

Miguel V. Reyes

Vice general Manager

Mr. Reyes has over 15 years of experience in the industry. During these years he has been dedicated to research, production and management, been author for several patents in different sectors. For the last ten years he has been head for the engineering department at Tomsa Destil being responsible of all projects developed worldwide by the group of companies. For the last 5 years he has focused in his activity as vice general manager giving support to our CEO without leaving behind his duties in the engineering management. He is member of the board of directors of Tomsa Destil.
Mr. Reyes past experience in the international market as well as his knowledge of the industry are key to the success of the projects developed by Tomsa Destil in the past years.
During his stage in Tomsa Destil he has been involved in over 50 projects througout the world including EPC projects with budgets ranging to 80 million USD and managing over 200 people.


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