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Roman Rudkowskyj

Commercial Director


How has Tomsa Destil impacted the alcohol industry?

• TOMSA has more than 150 years of experience in the alcohol sector.

• TOMSA has extensive experience with all types of raw materials in the production of alcohol.

• TOMSA has extensive experience in producing all types of alcohol including spirits, rum, whiskey, gin, vodka, etc., alcohols for the pharmaceutical sector, alcohols for the cosmetic sector, biofuels and alcohol for industry.

• TOMSA has been a leader in the design and supply of alcohol plants from the 1970s onwards.

• TOMSA was a pioneer in developing and offering a vacuum distillation process achieving up to 50% energy reduction in the distillation section.

• TOMSA developed a process to obtain a self-cleaning shredder column.

• TOMSA has optimized and continues to optimize the distillation process to obtain the best alcohol qualities available in the international market. Achieving superfine alcohols with 0 ppm of impurities.

• TOMSA introduced the use of continuous columns to produce heavy distillates in the Brandy process.

• TOMSA developed a continuous diffusion machine for the extraction of alcohol and sugars and other by-products from grape marc.

• TOMSA adapted the diffuser for continuous extraction of sugars from agave in the Tequila industry in Mexico.

• TOMSA adapted the diffuser for the continuous extraction of sugars from sugar cane.

• TOMSA developed an azeotropic distillation process to produce dehydrated alcohol.

• TOMSA developed a molecular sieve dehydration process to produce dehydrated alcohol.


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