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Engineering Development

Supply of engineering solutions in a wide range of stages for alcohol & bioethanol production



Full services in Engineering development

The development of the engineering of a project covers different phases, from the preliminary engineering with the objective of identifying the technical and economic feasibility of the project, to the detailed engineering with the specifications and definitive values for the development of the project.

The scope of supply of Tomsa Destil in the development of engineering is wide, covering the various stages of the project, as well as a list of disciplines, within which we can find process engineering, mechanical, civil, structural, electrical, environmental, and more.

Tomsa Destil has developed engineering projects in more than 48 countries around the 5 continents, allowing us to acquire one of our main value propositions, Operational Flexibility. Tomsa Destil has the capacity to work in conventional or unusual conditions, such as in remote locations or with high seismic risk, as well as with diverse legislations and operating codes.

EPC project supplied by Tomsa Destil in Sinaloa, Mexico to produce 350.000 liters of alcohol per day of fuel ethanol from corn.
engineering supply


At Tomsa Destil we provide engineering solutions for the different stages of execution of alcohol production projects, supplying a full or partial support, according to the client’s needs.

Preliminary engineering

Identify the technical and economic feasibility of the project, developing deliverables such as the general development of the project in terms of block diagrams, definition of equipment, materials, technical specifications of the equipment, types of control and control logic.

Basic engineering

In the basic engineering, the preliminary engineering is further developed into a more specific engineering. In this phase we will find among the deliverables the material and energy balances, P&ID, Lay Outs, equipment list, equipment specifications, pumps and motors, instrumentation, piping, manual valves, line list, signal list, among others

Detail engineering

During the Detail Engineering, all the values and technical specifications of the project will be developed, which will allow the execution and startup of the project. Within its deliverables are the definitive layout of the structure and equipment, piping lay out with instrumentation, control and support, general plan by levels, explosive zones plan, electrical and control trays plan, equipment and piping isolation plan, operation manual, among others.

Engineering Scope


Process/Chemical Engineering

In Tomsa Destil’s process/chemical engineering, we can find the supply of biotechnological process modeling such as fermentation and enzymatic hydrolysis, as well as thermal processes such as distillation, evaporation, drying and craking. In addition to solids treatment and power plants.

Mechanical Engineering

The mechanical engineering provided by Tomsa Destil includes the design of equipment and plants, piping and accessories, as well as special designs (FEM).

Civil and Architectural Engineering

Tomsa Destil’s Civil Engineering provides architectural design solutions, earthworks and excavation studies, concrete and foundations, metallic structures, urbanization.

Electrical Engineering, Automation and Control

The development of electrical engineering, automation and control of Tomsa Destil includes the supply of Unifilars, layouts, calculations, FAT, Hook-Up Diagrams, control systems, control loop diagrams, wiring routing, among others.

Environmental Engineering

In the supply of environmental engineering, Tomsa Destil provides solutions for the treatment of waste of different origins through technologies such as liquid-solid separation, concentrations, osmosis, biodigestion, among others.

Documents & Reports


Project Management
Engineering packages

High magnitude scope

Tomsa Destil has developed the engineering of more than 700 projects around the world in the last three decades, with EPCs of up to 150 MM USD.

Frequently asked

We have supplied projects in more than 48 countries around the 5 continents, allowing us to gather a wide experience with very diverse operating codes and legislations.

Flexibility is one of our main value propositions, since we adapt the supply of the projects to the client’s needs, being able to develop projects in locations with special conditions such as in tropical areas, areas with high wind incidence, areas with high seismicity, as well as in remote locations such as islands with low availability of human and material resources.

Likewise, we are used to work with all types of international codes, from European and American codes to Asian codes. We adapt our designs, studies and projects to the applicable codes where the work is executed or codes that are not of mandatory application, but that the client wishes.

Tomsa Destil has the knowledge, experience, and resources to provide effective solutions in the alcohol industry in the following disciplines: process/chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil and architectural engineering, structural engineering, electrical engineering, automation and control engineering and environmental engineering.

We have no supply constraints. Tomsa Destil creates solutions tailor-made to the client’s needs, accompanying the client at every stage where Tomsa’s involvement is considered more efficient and convenient. In other words, our solutions can range from conceptual engineering guidelines to the complete development of EPC projects.

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