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Operation & Maintenance

Full Operation and Maintenance services for industrial plants worldwide



Full services in
Operation and Maintenance

Tomsa Destil offers management and commercial operation services, technical direction, operation and maintenance of industrial plants. We have a large number of references from clients who ask us for support and responsibility for operation after the delivery and start-up of their facilities, with the purpose of training and transmitting more extensive experiences to the personnel who will finally be responsible for the total operation of the plant and commercialization of their products, reducing the learning curve, optimizing the return on investment and reaching the objectives of: sales, product quality, operation efficiencies and consumption of materials and energy.

Tomsa Destil has owned 5 industrial complexes in Europe and America, allowing it to acquire its own know-how in their Operation and Maintenance.






Tomsa Destil has a multidisciplinary team, highly qualified and with hundreds of years of accumulated experience.
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our clients

Design, Construction, Management and Ownership of a superfine alcohol rectification plant with a production capacity of 50,000 liters/day of alcohol, in Gran Canaria, Spain.

Design, Construction, Management and Ownership of an ethanol plant with a production capacity of 50,000 liters/day of potable alcohol, in Huelva, Spain.

Management of an alcohol production plant for potable use, with a capacity of 100,000 liters/day from sugar cane molasses, in Cienfuegos Province, Cuba.

60,000 liters/day of alcohol from sugar cane molasses. Management and ownership of an ethanol production plant for potable, distillate and/or rectified use in Chitré, Panama.

Management and ownership of a rectified alcohol plant, with a production capacity of 30,000 liters/day of alcohol, in Mendoza, Argentina.

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Tomsa Destil provides, worldwide, commercial management and operation services, technical management, operation and maintenance of alcohol production plants in several industries such as:




Effluent and Waste Treatment


Energy and Cogeneration


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Tomsa Destil has been the owner of 5 complexes for more than 10 years. Additionally, it has been providing maintenance services, operation, process optimization, quality improvement, energy efficiency, fulfillment of commercial commitments and in general the improvement and accompaniment of all our clients.

Tomsa Destil designs and provides services according to the needs of each project and client, offering a very flexible supply of services in Operation & Maintenance.
From exclusive technical consultancy services for process optimization to O&M services (Turn-key) where Tomsa is responsible for all the resources, performance and production commitments of the plants.
In between these two stages of supply, there is a wide variety of scopes and services that can be agreed with the customer.

TOMSA has a highly qualified team of engineers and specialists in the main technological areas of any industrial facility, such as: process, mechanical, electrical, control and automation, chemical analysis and laboratories, IT, quality, health and safety, purchasing, logistics and others.

In addition, it has professionals with extensive experience in the management of facilities, human teams, and problem solving.

Regarding its infrastructure, Tomsa Destil has its own valuable resources that it makes available to its customers, such as: its own manufacturing workshops, spare parts warehouses, pilot plants for fermentation, distillation, waste treatment and others, its own chemical and microbiological laboratories, and others. Together with the specialized human resources and the necessary material resources, Tomsa Destil’s capacity to provide O&M services represents a great added value for our customers.

Tomsa Destil has been supplying and offering O&M services with different scopes for decades to the industry. Some of our customers are renowned beverage producers and fuel ethanol (bioethanol) producers, as well as the petrochemical and chemical industries. The large number of references has allowed Tomsa to reach a great experience in the international market and to adapt the services to the peculiarities of each country around the world.

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