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Craft Production

Technology, equipment and services for the production of craft distillates






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Craft production

The production of craft distillates seeks to preserve the tradition of spirits, without losing sight of process innovation and product premiumization.

Thanks to our long career, for more than 150 years in the alcohol industry, we know and understand first-hand the importance of these values brought together in the craft distillates sector, where tradition is the focus of evolution, advancing in synergy with the integration of new trends and optimizing process efficiency.

Tomsa Destil supplies equipment, services and technologies for the production of all types of craft distillates from agricultural raw materials containing carbohydrates or hydrolyzable carbohydrates.


Services for the
Production of craft spirits

EPC - Turnkey projects
Alembic still manufacturing
Restoration and optimization
Premiumization of stills
Assembly - Start-up
Operation and maintenance
Training - Technical presentations
Practical sessions in pilot plants
Project management
Spare parts supply


At Tomsa Destil, we understand that our customers may need to upgrade or optimize their equipment, thus offering the possibility to premiumize, rebuild or renovate existing stills.

The Alembic

At Tomsa Destil we understand the still as the heart of the distillery.


Tomsa Destil is a world leader in the supply of technology and equipment for the alcohol production industry. Among the strengths that you can find in Tomsa Destil are:


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Frequently asked

Tomsa Destil provides tailor-made solutions for each client, developing unique projects that ensure the fulfillment of objectives and needs. Within Tomsa’s project portfolio, there are no two projects alike, each one of them has been developed independently.

Sí, en Tomsa Destil contamos con una ardua experiencia en la restauración e integración de antiguos equipos, que incorporan nuevos procesos. Además, consideramos imprescindible el valor añadido que puede generar la integración de antiguos equipos, beneficiando significantemente la imagen de marca, a través de la creación de un storytelling.

It is evident that there is a scale factor in operating costs (KAPEX), with the cost per liter of industrial equipment being more advantageous compared to craft production. However, the current market shows an exponential interest in craft products, for which they are willing to pay a higher price in exchange for a premium and responsible product, where they can measure the traceability of their production cycle, from the origin of their raw materials to the distribution to the point of sale. This justifies the integration of craft processes today, allowing us to provide multiple technical solutions to improve the energy and production efficiency of craft processes.

Each Tomsa Destil project is developed according to the client’s needs, establishing delivery times adapted to each case. However, it is very common for projects of this nature to be delivered in 3 to 6 months.

Yes, without a doubt. Tomsa is a technological leader in the distillation sector, being an international benchmark for innovation in the craft industry, by introducing evolutions that improve the flexibility, efficiency and capacity of the artisanal processes.

Tomsa Destil offers a multitude of solutions that can be integrated into existing and new craft processes, including distillation columns, heating systems, condensing systems, hot or cold infusion, vapor or liquid phase, vacuum operation, control systems and automation.

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