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Tawandang 1999


Engineering development, manufacturing and project execution for the production of alcohol from cereals or molasses with a concentration of up to 96.3º GL.

In 2015 Tomsa Destil supplied a first distillation system with two process units of 40,000 liters of alcohol per day (LAPD) each. This project was also integrated by two more 40,000 lt/d fermentation sections to process rice and grain, and a mash preparation section.

In 2023, as a plant expansion, Tomsa Destil will supply a new 40,000 LAPD distillation system.

Processes and services supplied by Tomsa Destil for this project:

Basic Engineering

Control & Automation


Detailed Engineering



Civil Work

Mechanical Assembly

Mechanical Structure

Electrical Assembly

Equipment Manufacturing

Project Management

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